Now + Then: Examining the Roots of Our Work

Kresge will celebrate its Centennial in 2024. As the foundation begins to look back, we asked each of our Program and Practice teams to recount the story of how their work and strategies today connect to and build on Kresge’s past. Like a rock resurfaced and polished through the years by the waves and wind, each of our modern-day programs evolved from work that is decades old. Dive into those histories below.

American Cities

Kresge’s deep commitment to working in Detroit inspires new place-based practice.

Arts & Culture

An evolution from capital challenge grants to Creative Placemaking inspires a field of work.


From the very first grant, our hometown remains a focus and a calling.


Creating higher education opportunity has been primary to Kresge’s mission from the earliest days.


Recognizing climate changes’ impact on people and places dates back to green building work.


A founding area of support refines its strategy to community health, health equity.

Human Services

Kresge is one of the few national foundations with a human services program.

Social Investment Practice

The 2008 financial crisis sparks an expansion of Kresge’s toolset.