For nearly 100 years, Kresge’s work to advance human progress has centered on two simple entry points to create change: investing in people and places.

Our 2022 annual report features five stories that showcase what investing in people and places looks like today. Origin stories for each of our eight Program and Practice areas share how we got here.

Letters from our President & CEO Rip Rapson and our Board Chair Cecilia Muñoz outline where we’ve been, and where we go next. Our financial report offers a transparent view of how we allocate our resources.

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The Stories

Five highlights of how we invested in People + Places in 2022.

HOPE Toledo Promise

How one multi-generational family is supported to achieve college success

The Guild

A community ownership real estate model to benefit BIPOC residents in Atlanta

Memphis Medical District Investment Fund

A $30M boost for vibrancy and inclusive development in Memphis neighborhoods

Prosperity Now

Transforming human service organizations into power brokers to drive racial wealth equity

Resilient Eastside Initiative

Building hubs so Detroiters can mitigate climate change and find community

American Cities

2022 Key Activities


New Grants


In New Approved Grants


Active Social Investments Totalling $43m

Arts & Culture

2022 Key Activities


New Grants


In New Approved Grants


Active Social Investments Totalling $12.8M


2022 Key Activities


New Grants


In New Approved Grants


Active Social Investments Totalling $168M


2022 Key Activities


New Grants


In New Approved Grants


Active Social Investments Totalling $3.6M


2022 Key Activities


New Grants


In New Approved Grants


Active Social Investments Totalling $38.5M


2022 Key Activities

  • Supporting federal efforts to strengthen public health systems
  • Awarded $1.1 million in grants to support the Advancing Health Equity Through Housing initiative
  • Launched a multi-million-dollar initiative to promote Equitable Food Oriented Development
  • Launched the next generation of the Emerging Leaders in Public Health initiative
  • Expanded investments in organizations serving the health needs of BIPOC communities


New Grants


In New Approved Grants


Active Social Investments Totalling $31.2M

Human Services

2022 Key Activities

  • Consulting with federal and state officials to elevate two-generation economic advancement efforts
  • Developing a full suite of human services field-building tools and innovator resources
  • Investing in partnerships between human service organizations and community colleges
  • Investing in basic/guaranteed income pilot programs in cities
  • Exploring anti-racist narratives about poverty, race, and family economic mobility


New Grants


In New Approved Grants


Active Social Investments Totalling $22.7M

Social Investment Practice

2022 Key Activities




In Total New Commitments


In Total Active Social Investments